WAMconnect for Technical and Community Colleges


WAMconnect enables every college to have its own branded social network, with an intuitive design, comprehensive feature set and multiple safeguarding controls.

  • Single branded college app to enhance communications for all:

    A familiar and intuitive user experience and user interface, akin to the consumer apps students use in their social lives, provides the best student experience and ensures high adoption.

  • Converts and retains more students:

    Dynamic interface, easy access to information and enriched engagement with college resources, for both prospective and current students improves attraction and retention.

  • Enhances and automates multiple administrative processes:

    WAMconnect easily integrates with back-end systems to enhance and automate administrative processes, e.g. the push notifying of student grades and timetable changes via automated messages, saving your college time and money.

  • Improves student safety, wellbeing and access to support:

    Multiple safeguarding and reporting mechanisms available ensuring student safety. Enables institutions to create a digital ‘Support Hub’ that allows students to subscribe to supportive and informative content. A well supported student has a higher chance of being retained.

  • Gives students access to employers:

    Provides a college the opportunity to create a Career Zone, through which they can give employers access to individual ‘Employer Pages’ which can then intelligently position content in front of students.


  • Communicate:

    Messaging platform allows all members of the college community to communicate more efficiently and effectively without the need for any dissemination of personal information, such as phone numbers. WAMconnect for Colleges does not blur the lines between college life and social life that can often dangerously occur on open social media platforms.

  • Collaborate:

    Secure group timelines allow all members to create connected communities based on class, social or extra curricular activities. ‘Workspaces’ with file and image repositories, as well as productivity management tools, can help students more easily and effectively collaborate on assignments and projects. WAMconnect’s blast message tool also enables administrators to push messages to all members in one click, fostering a strong sense of campus community.

  • Control:

    Fully secure platform that incorporates authenticated access, a managed audit trail of all posts and comments, multiple reporting functionalities and the ability for administrators to remove content and thus control what is visible within the platform.

“I have been impressed how WAMconnect has positively enhanced the relationship between the students”Mark Hodgetts, TLA Manager, St Helens College

The WAMconnect platform offers you a fully branded app for your college.
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